About Herban Gardens

Herban Gardens is an oasis in the city of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Truly an urban space, we find creative ways to grow a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers. Please visit my classes and events page for more information about what's new and upcoming.

Since I have graduated with my Art Therapy and Counseling degree I am focusing on offering art therapy and counseling services at my new space One Mindful Art Studio located at 1707 Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls. We are within the Akron-Canton Shambhala Meditation Center.

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More About Herban Gardens

The enchanting beauty of herbs inspired me to leave behind the conventions of office life. I now grow (and inspire others to do the same) at Herban Gardens. I have completed aromatherapy and herbal certifications. Since there's always more to learn I continue to study these areas along with creativity focusing on fiber and paper arts. I assist others in seeking and nurturing their creative energy as a means of self-knowing and healing. Herbs are the perfect teaching tool with their sensory nature that awakens each of us to the beauty and wonder of the natural world.


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I am available to speak to your organization or to provide a specialized workshop. Following is a short selection of my most requested topics. Click on the link below for more program ideas. To schedule your event please contact me.

Complete List of Programs

The Herbal Pantry

Learn how to harvest and preserve herbs and create a variety of products such as dried herb blends, herb infused honey, herbal jelly, vinegars, and oils to have on your pantry shelf for use through the fall and winter months.

Nature's Essences-Aromatherapy

I have a special Summer Aromatherapy and a Beat the Winter Blues Aromatherapy program along with a general presentation appropriate for any time of year. Learn how to use essential oils for health and well-being.

Leaf Printing

Using fresh leaves from the garden learn to create a variety of items for use around the home. This makes a wonderful hands-on workshop topic.

A Cup of Tea

a cup of tea and teapotTeas are full of healthful properties in addition to tasting good. Learn about the different types of teas and about which herbs to grow and harvest for creating your own blends.

Aromatic Gifts

Everyone delights in a handmade gift from the heart. Learn how to make aromatic items that will pamper everyone on your gift list during the holiday season.

Fairy Gardens

Cathy with Fairy Container GardenWant to delight the fairies and treat them to their very own garden? Learn which plants to include in a tabletop garden and how to put together a fairy garden that's sure to charm them.

Container Gardening

For people that don't have the time or space a container garden is the answer. Learn how to create a beautiful yet practical garden for use throughout the growing season.

Introduction to Creative Mindfulness This unique approach to combining mindfulness practices with creative ones offers a path to lowering stress and gaining more fulfillment in your life.  Learn about approaches and activities such as how to create your own Zen garden, which will help you focus and be present in the moment.